How does it work

From 2001, tadtu had operated for four years as a restaurant/movie delivery service specifically aimed at the Apartments in Manchester City Centre and Salford Quays. Over this period, we gained unrivalled coverage in a notoriously difficult area for accessibility. We now have access to 99% of apartments in Manchester City Centre and Salford Quays. tadtu are now Manchester’s finest and most professional City Centre Manchester Leaflet Distribution Specialists. We have been operating as a Manchester leaflet distribution specialists  company in Manchester city centre and Salford Quays for over ten years. We now also carry out door to door deliveries throughout the Greater Manchester area as well as hand-to-hand bespoke targeted Leafleting. We use teams of 4 to 6 fully trained and employed distributors, supervised by one of our team leaders giving us total control of the distribution process. All our distribution colleagues wear uniforms are full time employees and are fully vetted. Items are never left in communal areas or on top of letterboxes or forced into full letter boxes and you would be suprised how many we see that will only ever end up in the bin. On completion of distribution dependant on type we will provide:
  • Full breakdown of apartment blocks completed including area in which they were situated.
  • A full street by street breakdown of where your leaflets have been delivered.
  • A detailed list of offices with addresses.
  • A breakdown of area and numbers distributed for hand to hand.
You are welcome to come out and supervise part or all of your campaign if you wish or for a small percentage rise on fee we can video the process and provide you with video evidence. In short we will do everything in our power to make your campaign a success. We would like to think of ourselves as supporting you so you support us.  

Distribution Services

  • Door to door Leaflet and Magazine Delivery in the Greater Manchester Area.
  • Hand to hand Direct Demographic Targeted Leaflet and Magazine Distribution in the Town and City Centres of Greater Manchester.
  • Bespoke Business to Business ‘Commercial’ Leaflet and Magazine Distribution in Manchester City Centre and Salford Quays.
  • Leaflet and Magazine delivery to the Residential Apartments of Manchester City Centre and Salford Quays.
  • All Aspects of Planning and Running your Campaign from Inception to Results Analysis can be handled by tadtu Distribution.

Delivery Colleague Criteria

  • All our Delivery Colleagues are Full Time, Fully Trained Employees.
  • All our Delivery Colleagues wear Uniforms.
  • All our Delivery Colleagues carry Satellite Tracking Devices.
  • All our Delivery Colleagues remain Polite and Courteous at All Times.

Manchester City Centre Apartment Numbers.

Ancoats M4 3,061
Northern Quarter M1 +M4 2500
Little Italy M4 + M40 1181
Green Quarter M4 1552
Central Corridor M1 1825
The Mills and Macintosh Village M1 929
Castlefield M3, M15 + M16 3040
Liverpool Road M3 1555
Chapel Street and Surround M3 + M5 3541
Salford Quays M3, M5 + M50 2750
Hulme M15 + M16 689
Sports City M11 388
Cheetham Hill M8 104
Total 23,115
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Manchester Leaflet Distribution Specialists .